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Hello and welcome! I'm Sissi Wang, the host and creator of The Sissi Wang Show. It's been a long dream of mine to create an interview show that addresses the big questions that concern all of us: "What's my purpose in this world?" "How can I lead a more meaningful life?" "Why do some people always seem so happy but not me?" and "How can I achieve my full potential?" 


I'm still trying to figure out the answers to these questions myself, so as a trained journalist with an investigative mind, I'll be taking you on a journey through this podcast where we'll learn from some of the cheeriest, most life-loving, interesting and successful people in the world their secrets to achieving a fulfilling life. 

It's my belief that all of us can realize our full potential and lead a rewarding life where not only we're thriving but we're also helping those around us prosper as well (because that's how you make the world a better place!). I hope this show will inspire you to start taking actions to help you realize the life you've always wanted for yourself. (And feel free shoot me an email to let me know your progress!)