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Ep 1. Matthew Gallagher

"I want to bring happiness to people through clothes. You see something and you go like ‘I need to have that’. That’s the kind of thing I like when I’m designing… something cool, something different. It’s not just another skirt"

Matthew Gallagher is a Canadian fashion designer and the founder of The House of Gallagher launched in 2013. His dresses have been worn by Lady Gaga, Canadian actresses Elisha Cuthbert and Annie Murphy, and are recognized for their sophistication, earthy tones mixed in with the latest trends.

Matthew grew up in Amherst, Nova Scotia, a town of just 10,000 people. But his love of fashion took him to New York City studying at the famous Parsons School of Design when he was just a high school student, and later to Milan, Italy, where he further developed his skills as a fashion designer and cultivated an eye for precision.

Matthew moved back to Canada in 2013 when he was invited to showcase his fashion designs at Toronto Fashion Week, and has been working in Canada ever since. He’s launching a new summer collection this spring.

In this episode, Matthew talks about:

  • Making your own opportunities: reaching out to fashion designer Tom Ford and Kal Ruttenstein, the former fashion director of Bloomingdale’s, when he was just a high school student

  • The summer in New York City that changed his life

  • Studying fashion in Milan, Italy; European fashion; and the inspiration behind his fashion aesthetic

  • Dressing Lady Gaga, Elisha Cuthbert and Annie Murphy

  • How to look great with minimal effort

  • The challenges of being a fashion entrepreneur

  • His latest design goal: make beautiful clothes comfortable and comfortable clothes beautiful

  • His new summer collection and the thinking behind the pieces

Matthew Gallagher: @thematthewgallagher

House of Gallagher: @houseofgallagher

Wiser Living with Sissi Wang: @wiserlivingpodcast


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