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Ep 3. Ethan Lou

“Many crypto books look at the space from the perspective of monetary policy or computer science. I try to look at it from the human condition perspective, what crypto stirs within us”

Ethan Lou is the type of journalist you read about and think: he’s why there’ll always be an interest in good journalism. Ethan specializes in investigative and long-form journalism and has worked at both the Toronto Star and Reuters, two top newsrooms in Canada known for their rigorous reporting before becoming an author.

Ethan’s new book Once A Bitcoin Miner is the culmination of his six-year exploration of the cryptocurrency space and has been declared a must-read by The Times. His other book Field Notes from a Pandemic has been named one of CBC’s best Canadian non-fiction for 2020. Ethan continues to cover the cryptocurrency space and other riveting investigative stories as a freelance journalist.

In this episode, Ethan talks about:

  • Quitting his day job to become an author

  • His first introduction to Bitcoin

  • The making of Once A Bitcoin Miner

  • The Wild West world of cryptocurrency

  • His trip to North Korea and the subsequent arrest of Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith

  • Tips on investing in cryptocurrency

  • His other book Field Notes from a Pandemic

  • Why the world was unprepared for the pandemic and how our societies are defined by plagues

Ethan Lou: @Ethan_Lou

Wiser Living with Sissi Wang: @wiserlivingpodcast


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