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Ep 4. Linda McMaster

“I think anyone could really achieve something in art and the satisfaction of doing it”

Linda McMaster is the founder of Artbarn, a non-profit art school based in Toronto, Canada.

Linda studied fine arts in university and worked as a graphic designer for many years before pivoting to art education. When her kids went to school, she discovered that she really enjoys working with children. That realization coupled with her longstanding dream of opening up her own art school pushed her to take the leap and she founded Artbarn in 2005.

Today, Artbarn offers a range of adult and children’s classes from watercolor and acrylic to mixed media and pottery as well as classes for cancer patients free of charge under their ART for Cancer program.

In this episode, Linda talks about:

  • Turning a lifelong dream into reality

  • Her career path from working as a graphic designer in the ‘80s to teaching art at a private school to founding Artbarn

  • Building a non-profit from scratch

  • Balancing motherhood and a career

  • Artbarn’s classes and charitable programs

  • Building confidence with art: “Anybody can learn to do art and feel successful”

  • The importance of art for children: “Art for the little ones is so good for their brains and motor skills”

Artbarn: @artbarnto

Wiser Living with Sissi Wang: @wiserlivingpodcast


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