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Ep 7. Celia Pang

“Doodling is a tool, to make doodle art is something else. What will you draw to impact someone?”

Celia Pang is the founder of Dreamdoodle, a unique brand of art she’s developed from the simple technique of doodling.

Her art exhibit “Doodle Anecdotes” held in Toronto this past February took visitors inside the dreamy and colourful world of her life back in the island nation of Mauritius, and featured tropical nature, Mauritian culture and environmental themes. You can also spot the dodo, an extinct flightless bird that was once endemic to Mauritius in all the pieces. Celia chose it to be the mascot of her doodle art.

Celia came to Toronto two years ago looking for a new adventure and to share her doodle art with more people. In this episode, Celia talks about:

  • Growing up in Mauritius and nature being the source of inspiration behind her art

  • Her art education and work experience

  • The amount of creative freedom a professional artist has

  • The genesis and evolution of her signature doodle art style

  • The versatility, ease and accessibility of doodle art

  • The creative process behind her doodle art pieces

  • Harnessing doodle art for social change

  • Being a creative entrepreneur and turning your passion into a business

  • Why she enjoys being an artist

Dreamdoodle: @dreamdoodle

Wiser Living with Sissi Wang: @wiserlivingpodcast


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