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Ep 8. Georges Kahy

“Tourism today is really open everywhere… Tomorrow you’re going to see many new places to go”

Georges Kahy is the founder of the Quebec-based travel magazine Touristica International originally created in Lebanon in 1995.

Georges has been to all four corners of the world and has lived his life with a childlike wonder, calling himself a citizen of the world. He was trained as a graphic designer in Lebanon and worked in advertising for many years in the Middle East before founding his own travel magazine.

Touristica covers the latest developments in travel & tourism in cities and countries around the world with the goal of promoting tourism and the joy of discovering new places. Last year, Georges was awarded The Charter Fest – Antonio Conte prize, a special international award in tourism after a unanimous decision made by The International Commission of Travel Journalists in recognition of his extraordinary 40 years of contribution to the promotion of tourism through his reports and articles.

In this episode, Georges talks about:

  • His love of travel and archaeology

  • Following your heart and keeping life interesting

  • His early career in the Middle East

  • Founding his own advertising agency amid the Lebanese Civil War

  • Founding Touristica International magazine

  • Travel & tourism in the pandemic age: which countries are open right now and where to go

  • Saudi Arabia’s new mega city

  • New destinations to visit near Canada

  • The perfect Europe itinerary for 2022

  • Travel deals to check out right now

Touristical International: @touristicaweb

Wiser Living with Sissi Wang: @wiserlivingpodcast


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