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Live your best life with

wisdom from the world's happiest people

A podcast sharing the life wisdom of leading thinkers, artists and newsmakers of the past and present to help you better navigate your own life, find purpose and meaning and achieve deep fulfillment.

Latest episodes

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Philosopher & Best-selling Author on Desire and the Ancient Art of Stoic Joy


Author of “The Woo Woo” on How to Rise Above Childhood Trauma and Get Along with Your Parents 

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Toronto Spoken Word Artist Speaks Up about

Mental Health

Featured episodes

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Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Award-winning Author on Leaving His Mark 

on The World


2021 World Ironman Age Group

Ranking #1 on Getting The Most Out of Ourselves

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Fashion Designer with Dresses Worn by Lady Gaga, Elisha Cuthbert, Annie Murphy

girl sea back.jpg

Three friends and I chat about what it means to be in our thirties 

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Former Astronaut and Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs on Embracing Life’s New Challenges

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Children’s Fantasy Author & Creative Writing Teacher on How to be More Creative

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